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We bought a new furnace but our friend who was supposed to install had some personal issues and quit on us. There is a space above furnace that needs to be dealt with. Our friend made a box of sorts that may not be adequate. Please send me an estimate for job including box if needed. Thank you

Stacy K

Please get me a quote on a replacement forced air furnace. Thanks!

Kevin C

I need to repair my attic fan. Please help!

Diane L

Need existing forced air gas furnace replaced. 2109 sq ft home . At least 125,000 BTU.

Gary B

Hi - We need help connecting (brazing) copperlines to the indoor coil and outdoor (4 joints) and top off refrigerants to a new AC unit. Thanks!

Tong H

Our PG&E bill has tripled over the past few months and I'm wondering if part of the problem is that we have never (since we have lived at our house the past 5 years) had our HVAC system serviced. Our house is only about 10 years old and is an Energy Star home. I was wondering how much it would cost to get it serviced? Please let me know. Thanks!

Kellie M

We have five small houses in Los Gatos each with a propane wall heater. We are replacing them one at a time and need one done now. The one we are replacing now is on a living room wall venting to a carport. Mayneed to vent thru roof. Heaters in the range of 25,000 to 40,00 BTU have worked well. this house has heated area of 600 ft sq. Thanks

Don S

I want to get an estimate for installing a split type heat/air in my 3 bdr townhome. thanks

Chris B

I need to have a 20 ton commercial A/C unit repaired. Do you do this? 

George M

I want to install a programmable thermostat for a for an electric floor board heater. 2 rooms. Please help!

Chris T

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"Our heater was on the fritz, but Ralph came out and quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it. Very professional, friendly, and easy to chat with. Happy I called them!" -Jennifer C.

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